Kirsten (xkirsten89) wrote in the_anti_ron,

Why I Hate Ron

Hello, I just joined this com. by a lucky chance while doing an interest search for "Harry Potter". I hate Ron. There are many reasons, all the same that everyone else has explained.

JKR can write whatever she wants and if she seriously thinks that the stubborn Ron can have chemistry with Hermione, then go ahead.

Personally, I like the Hermione/Draco pairing because they both have fiery personalities and strong beliefs. I think Hermione could show Draco that not all muggle-born are "low-life". Draco could show Hermione that not all Slytherins are cold-hearted. I don't want Draco to go soft, just change his views a bit.

Anyways... back to Ron, heh heh, he is very... mentally challenged. I know he had no money to buy another wand after his broke, but why would he try to carry out hexes when he KNOWS his wand doesn't work properly. He got what he deserved with the slugs.

He's very ignorant of others' feelings. He broke Hermione's heart when he asked her as a last resort to the dance. How horrible.

Ron doesn't live up to the standards George and Fred set. They were so lovable and Ron is just... not. I know, a petty reason, but still a reason.

Well, maybe I will submit more later.

I'm very excited that I found this group... I look forward to a happy relationship with all of you!
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