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How many ways *could* Ron have died?

*checks pulse of the_anti_ron*
Dear gods, I thought it was dead. Sorry, feelings for Ron bled over.

courtney_beth made me think of an interesting topic which needs input.


No, not how many cruel and horrid ways you *want* him to die. How many opportunities were there for Ron to die, but he didn't?

I'll start with some obvious ones:

- he could have crashed the flying car (book 2) [but then, Harry would be dead, and not *everyone* wants that]
- Lockharts "obliviate" would not have backfired (book 2) [Sure, Ron's not dead, but he might as well be. Unfortunately, this would create a world of other problems for Harry Potter: namely, he might not have made it past book 2.]

Anyone have any more?

NOTE: So as not to spoil book 5 for anyone who has not read it yet, please post spoilers behind a cut.
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do u kno wot? ppl lyk u r ppl i hate. u take evrything so bloody seriously. u hav set up a website about A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. get that into ur thick skulls A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. and if that isnt bad anuf 1 of u sed that it was a shame u didnt send anthrax 2 rupert grint 4 his birthday. that is just sick and twisted. rupert grint is not realy ron weasly, he just actor he is acting ron weasly.
u realy al need 2 get a life.
i dont even get y whoeva it was started up this conspiracy.
jk writes th harry potter books the way she wants 2 write them, so no matter how much u moan and groan and complain. no matter how much u slag ron/rupert off. it doesnt matter because no 1s listening. and no 1 cares.