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Now if you dont mind me im going to start a HUGE argment on a anti-ron site. Not because I am a great fan of Rupert, its because its sad and a waste of time which, frankly, is pathetic since you are hating a fictonal innocent boy.

Now lets start, shall we?
When i perposely stumbled across this lame excuse for a good website off people who DO like Rupert, i was, lets say, very pissed off. In fact, no, i am not pissed off. I am in a state of pity, as i have never seen something so lame in my life before. Why would you want to create a bloody site in which you tap keys on your keyboard, only to bitch about a character in a BOOK. REALITY CHECK- This Character- Ron Weasley, is sadly in this case not real.
The reason i pity you is because i feel sorry for you all, especially the maker of this stupid website. You must have no friends, to even bother posting to this. I know, i have just contradicted myself, but unlike you i do have friends. And because of that i will make this my first and MAYBE last visit to this "good website of anti ron haters".
Unfortunetely, Ron Weasley is just a fictional character that is imported from a womans brain into a book. Therefore, she can make Ron do whatever she likes, as she is the writer of the books. And many of you have gave reasons of perfect examples which could have killed him. That is even more pathetic, as he is not real, and JK does not want him to die. To even think of a way Ron could have died makes me sigh in disbelief. It is sad.
If anyone can see from my user name, it has a word which is "red". And maybe as you have figured out (though i doubt it, as you are probably all to dim to believe, as you are the lame people who add to this message board), i am a fan of Ron Weasley, and the actor that plays him, Rupert Grint.
And that brings up another worthy point. Why take it out on a boy who is ACTING as a character, why would you even want to get the idea of sending him anthrax throught he post? Its SICK. And im not surprsed you thought of it as YOU ARE ALL SICK. Why take all the blame on a lad who is merely playing a role of a boy in a book. I have no objection for you maybe not the character, but HATING HIM? My god, im laughing thinking about it. Rupert Grint is merely acting, as are all the others in the film. EH-HEM- Draco Malfoy, for instance is not real, FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY are not real. All of the other characters in the book are NOT REAL. As are all the other characters you may like. Tom Felton, and the twins are probably not as perfect as you think. As friendly as they might be, i doubt they would even take a second glance on those who are sad enough to make a website about how they hate a fake, fictional, un-real character out of a book.
I hope you take a quick glance into reality and make sure you know how sad you are.
All my Love,

(P.S: You know how it says kick a git? I reckon that means that you are kicking yourself. Yet i would love to kick the living crap out of you, only i wouldnt want to get something as disgusting as a trace of you on my shoe.)
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