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I just stumbled upon this and joined without even looking at it first. XD I've been reading the Harry Potter books for years now, and right from book 1 I've despised that little prick...[did anyone else get REALLY happy when reading book 4 when there were many, many more reasons to hate him?].

And because this is an intro. post, I'll all bore you with POINTLESS INFORMATION! Just what we all love. I'm an avidly bitchy Slytherin who's favorite characters are Draco and Lucius and also loves Voldie. I write fanfics...well, used to. I've gotten kind of lazy as of late. XD

I have a big complex theory that Ron is going to turn against Harry, realize his mistake, and switch sides again but die in doing so. It's just sort of wishful thinking though... Maybe I'll explain it all later.

WEASLEY IS NOT MY KING!!! meh heh heh
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