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Malfoy Slash community

Hello everybody!

I just want to let everybody know that I decided on a community name. blond_azkaban was created in association with the Malfoy Slash Archive. Seeing as how we all are interested in Malfoy slash in some form or another - whether it be for the Malfoys, for the slash, for the pairings (i.e. Sev and Sirius), or for the femmeslash (yes Narcissa is included in the fun), there's a place for everything. The community includes fic posting, art posting, and general discussions. So I just wanted to invite everyone, and all are welcome to join. Thanks!


sorry for the x-posting. if this post violates any community ToS, mods, please delete. To my findings it doesn't, but I of course could be wrong, and in that case, I apologize. thanks.
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