x_draco_x (x_draco_x) wrote in the_anti_ron,

Hello, all. Mod speaking.

Okay. Well. I suppose this is my fault, for forgetting about this community for a couple of...years, but honestly. This has all gotten far too out-of-hand.

--This community was created, as stated in the userinfo, on 2002-06-23, over three years ago. As a bloody joke. the_anti_ron was never expected to have more than about four members, let alone a horde of Ron-lovers who insisted upon flaming us for ages.
--In response to the fictional character gibes, why yes, I am fully aware (...and I hope the rest of you are, too) that Ronald Weasley is indeed not real. That doesn't mean that I have to like him. In return, this community does not mean that you have to dislike him.
--Bringing me to another point, though it sounds cliché, hate is a rather strong word. All I'm saying here is that I don't like Ron very much. The end. You love him? That's great, seriously. This community is not for you. Don't join. Don't post. Ignore us.
--RE: the Anthrax entry. I personally know the original poster, and that was, as things here were intended to be, a joke. Obviously, sarcasm does not read well over the Internet, and I am genuinely sorry that some people took it so literally. Please, do not believe everything you read. The entry has been deleted in a lame attempt by me to avoid future drama.
--ur_al_sad/redbrokensurfer/gigglychatabox/etc., in case any of you happen to "stumble" upon this journal again (assuming you are actually not all the same person)...

As stated before, I know Ron is fictional. I never said I "HATED" him.
Thank you for feeling sorry for me. :)
I often take quick glances into fantasy and live in reality, as I hope that you do.
Admittedly, yes, I can count my close friends on one hand. Oh, well. That's fine with me.
My life, as uninteresting as it may be, does not actually revolve around this journal. Damn. I actually opted to do my calculus homework in lieu of maintaining this LiveJournal community last year.
My grammar is far from perfect, but I take pride in making a slight effort to spell and punctuate correctly. I'm not sure if there is much hope left, but you really ought to try it. People will be bound to take your argument(s) more seriously. (Just on a note, phonetically, "kl" does not equal "cool," but something more like "kale," which is a nice leafy green vegetable.)
Yes, Ms. Rowling may indeed write situations for Ron however she wishes. How exactly did you intend for that to affect members of this community?

Most of all, this just baffles me: If you thought that this was such a waste of time, why did you bother to comment and/or post entries? I suppose advice from a pathetic, insane loser does not matter much to you, but I hope that you have learned to spend your time more wisely.

In any case, thank you for all of your rampant insults. Have a nice day.
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